Choose Aluminium Sun Shades for Your Business

Aluminum Sun Screen

To keep customers and staff fresh, getting aluminium sun shades for the building is a modern and stylish way to beat the heat. Fitted to the external building, they’re long-lasting and efficient at blocking the sunshine. Aluminium sun shades are made from aluminium tubing and are usually placed above outside windows or doors to bring shade but also to allow light and flow of air through.  They are the first choice for business owners.

Features of Aluminium Sun Shades

Aluminium shade screens from providers like CVS Equipment can be made to order to each client’s specifications and designed to blend in with the building structure. For example, if the building is old and ornate, the sun shade can be designed ‘retro’ style to compliment the building.  Likewise, if the business is a warehouse, modern industrial style is better.

Sun screens can be painted to fit in with the colour scheme or simply be their natural metallic colour and have a weather resistant coating.  They can be bracket fixed or remote controlled so that staff can choose whether to open them out, depending on the weather.

Extra Privacy with Aluminium Sun Screens

Aluminium sun screens can be used in bush fire areas as aluminium is a material designated resistant to fires. They protect from the wind, they provide some limited protection from rain and depending on the design, may provide privacy from neighbouring buildings and increased security.

Best of all, they’re low maintenance, so building owners won’t have to spend lots of time and money on them. They won’t rot and last a very long time.  After professional installation, there’s nothing else to do.  A guarantee means that if anything should go wrong, a qualified engineer will be out to fix it.

For aluminium sun shades from the company that helped complete Stadium Australia, just call to discuss requirements for your business or see the website for more on the range of screens available.