Choosing Landscape Designs Wisely

garden design

garden designIt is important to choose the landscape design for your garden wisely. You can consider certain styles and concepts before beginning your project. You can decide if the landscaping matches your family preferences well, makes your home exteriors pop, or if it meets other needs.

Four Seasons Garden Center offers the following advice:

• Harmony and consistency

The design you select should strongly link the garden and landscape with your home. It should create a sense of unity that will reflect a sense of intertwining and oneness. This is possible by having materials, plants and trees that have similar shapes, lines, a similar hue or a common texture. All of them need not be the same as that can be dull. Introduce some amount of contrast so that it remains interesting and consistent.

• Balance and proportion

A little symmetry and balance is needed for the landscape to be visually appealing. Symmetrical or asymmetrical balance can be achieved. You can have a central axis and have different compositions on either side or have the same on both sides. You can also achieve a radial balance around a central point. The size relationship between the various parts is called proportion. Do not build a large fountain in a tiny backyard.

• Sequence and focus

You can have a central piece as a prominent focus of your design. This could be a fountain, a spruce or a sculpture. Walkways or well placed shrubs can lead you to the central point without distracting from the total landscape pattern. A visual movement is to be created in the design. This is possible by a gradual development of color, size, form or texture.

• Repetition and rhythm

You can repeat colors, shapes and lines to create rhythm. But you should not overdo this repetition as it can get boring. The repetition should not be monotonous, but instead it should create a feeling of movement which is able to lead you visually from one part to the other seamlessly.

While theoretically all this is good, you will need a good company to implement what you visualize. They will help in the installation and maintenance of a landscaped garden of your liking. Do not go with their portfolio; instead tell them what you would like based on the principles mentioned above and they will create a new design for you.