Choosing the Right Window Awnings to Lower Energy Costs

Window Awnings

Window AwningsIt is hot in Perth. That is the reality, and for many homeowners, the solution is to drink lots of water and turn up the AC, especially at the height of summer. However, you can consider a simpler and more cost-efficient solution – window awnings. Studies show that you can reduce your energy consumption by as much as 75% by simply having the right shade in the right location of your home.

You can keep sun out using curtains and blinds inside the house, but it is easier to keep your house cooler if you keep as much of the outer walls from absorbing the heat. Here are some tips for choosing the best window awnings in Perth from to keep your cool and lower your utility bills.


Direct sunlight is the greatest source of heat for the home. The position of the sun relative to your windows will determine how much sun and heat you let in. You need awnings in Australia over windows that face the north and west. You can reduce the heat factor by as much as 77%.


Retractable awnings are just as effective in keeping the house cool as fixed awnings. However, retractable awnings are usually more expensive, and since it does not really get very cold during winter in Perth, you will not need to let in the sun. A fixed awning may be the more affordable choice.


The material of your awning is more to the point for keeping the sun out. Fabric awnings are better because metal ones absorb heat more. However, it needs to be waterproof to keep out the rain, and durable to withstand wear and tear. It should be heat resistant and UV shielded, of course, with an SPF factor of over 50. Light colours absorb less heat, so the lighter your awning material, the cooler you will be.

A final note about one thing most homeowners forget: ventilation. Even the best awnings will trap heat, so giving hot air a chance to escape is important if you do not want to create an oven around your window. You can specify the number of holes or grommets you want along the sides of the awning, or you can get one that has a top flap.