Clad-Me-Down, Says Your Home: Choose the Right Materials

bricker veener

bricker veenerIt does not matter if your house exudes a classic or contemporary style; there is a cladding system to suit it. Those who opt for a wall cladding system on the exteriors and interiors of their homes must understand that they do much more than just increase the home’s street appeal.

An appropriate cladding system can make the home more:

  • Weather tight, i.e. insulated against the whims of nature.
  • Valuable in terms of resale value.
  • Increase its saleability.

All these can happen only if you choose the right cladding materials. Peter Bracey compiled a list of the different cladding materials available, and which best suits your home.

1. Brick Veneer

This is traditional choice because of its longevity, performance, and good visual appeal. They also need minimal maintenance and are a sustainable choice. The only disadvantage of this type is its high upfront cost. This makes it a perfect fit for people whose budget is not a primary consideration. Brick veneer cladding can upgrade your property value by several notches.

2. Timber

A timeless choice, timber cladding has an unmatched vintage appeal. It is particularly suited for the Australian weather and you can even paint to suit different colour requirements. Timber is a versatile and resilient material. The only drawback for timber cladding is that you need to constantly repaint or maintain it for weather-tightness.

3. Weatherboarding

One popular cladding option of the present times is man-made weatherboarding as they present a number of benefits:

  • These are exceptionally weather tight.
  • Are low on maintenance.
  • Quite budget friendly.
  • Come in a wide variety of designs.
  • Are quite robust and require little or no painting.

The only catch is to choose from a reliable company as poor quality weatherboards can warp or fade over a long period.

4. Other Materials

Other cladding materials include:

  • Metals such as aluminium or zinc alloy best suited for contemporary homes with their clean lines, simplistic designs and cool looks.
  • Stone, this is a deluxe option, although there are some affordable choices or models.
  • Concrete, a very popular cladding choice as it is insulating, versatile, and tough.

Choose a cladding material from among these based on your personal preference and budget and enjoy the enhanced street appeal of your home among other benefits.