Common Causes of Accidents When Using Forklifts


Forklifts in AustraliaThere have been many fatality cases involving forklifts. When you hire or buy this type of equipment, you need to learn how they run. This will enable you to avoid accidents.

Here are major factors that commonly lead to forklift accidents.

Inappropriate Building Design

The roads should be wide enough for the Sydney forklifts to maneuver. If the building design is quite complicated, there’s a high probability of an impending injury. Make sure things are organised. It is best if you make a special way for the forklifts to drive in.

Unskilled Driver 

People who are not licensed to drive shouldn’t be allowed to turn on a vehicle engine. Driving forklifts needs skills and proper training. The weight of the load plus the forks must be considered. Everything should be in balance because a small mistake can cause a big tragedy.


Never allow a driver to speed up when using forklifts. They are already heavy without load. A sudden turn at a fast speed can cause a rollover. A person might get stuck, causing serious injury and even death.


Even if you’re not speeding, the forklift may still sidestep and rollover. says the cause may be overloading. The weight of the packages will eventually pull the other side of the machine to the ground.

Absence of signage 

Warning posts are important. They help guide people to avoid the road. Without them, people may get ran over. Don’t economise on signage. Make sure they’re simple and easy to understand. Also they must catch people’s attention. 

These are only a few possibilities that can lead to a forklift accident. As an employer, you should be concerned with your workers’ welfare.