Common Plumbing Headaches

Fixing your home’s plumbing

Fixing your home’s plumbingFixing your home’s plumbing can be a nightmare, especially if you are dealing with more than just a backed up toilet. These problems can do more than just drain your wallet; these can physically damage your property or even make you sick if left unattended. Knowing the cause of these common plumbing problems can save you valuable time and money.


A backed up toilet or drainage usually means that there is a problem with your home’s waste pipeline. The site explained that toilet papers and hair are the usual culprits. As these are broken down slowly, these can cause a residue buildup until thee block waste from passing through the pipes. What you flush down the toilet are not the only things that can cause blockages, as food and related waste products can contribute to the clogging of your waste pipes.

If you have trees growing where your pipes are running, there is the possibility of roots penetrating the pipes. Aside from potentially clogging them, leaks can occur. These can be more difficult to fix as it involves uprooting the tree, which be a real hassle if the tree is old and sturdy. Silly oaks, gum trees, and willows are just some of the trees to avoid planting where your pipes are located.

Noisy Faucets

If your faucet sputters when you turn it on, then it is a sign that there may be air trapped in the pipes. Excess air from your home’s pressure tanks are the likely cause behind these, although heating systems can contribute to trapped bubbles of air in the pipes. While these are more annoying than threatening, it can slow the flow of water throughout your home.

Knowing the symptoms of these problems can help you avoid a plumbing disaster. In the end, it is a good idea to consult professionals once you determine that your house’s pipes need repair.