CompTIA Helps Military Veterans to Have an IT Career

Military veteran asking for the CompTIA Courses with his wife

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) launched the Microsoft Software & Systems Academy (MSSA) to help military veterans transition into a career in information technology.

CompTIA unveiled the flagship initiative in partnership with Microsoft Corp. Those who are interested in pursuing an IT profession post-service should consider enlisting for certification reviews, including an A+ practice test.

Lucrative Career

The partnership will allow more than 35,000 service members in the U.S. to have a stable source of employment, following their fulfillment of active duty. Veterans have struggled to find jobs after serving in the military, which is why the private sector has sought to address this concern by offering alternative career choices.

In the IT sector, it’s no secret that jobs often lead to a high-paying profession. The MSSA has now accepted CompTIA Network+ and Security+ as prerequisite skills for certification, according to CompTIA. The program will train participants for 18 weeks that will expose them to critical skills in the industry. Successful MSSA graduates will also find it easier to clinch job interviews, as they are expected to pay a visit to Microsoft or one of its more than 220 hiring partners.

CompTIA Courses

Even if you are not a veteran, there many other CompTIA courses that can help in boosting your credentials. A few certifications under your name will significantly improve your chances of landing a job. A growing demand for IT professionals makes it relatively easy for you to find work, but competition among your peers will surely be a challenge.

For this reason, it’s important that you aim to review and study for certifications. The Ultimate CompTIA+ Lifetime Certification Bundle, for instance, has eight lifetime courses that will prepare you for top accreditation in the IT field.


CompTIA’s partnership with Microsoft is good news for military veterans, although certification reviews are necessary to increase their chances of landing IT jobs.