Considerations in Raising a Family in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City skyline

Whether you’re considering relocating to Salt Lake City because of a work assignment or just want a wholesome environment for your children to grow up in, be aware that the thoughts and emotions involved in this decision might not be similar when considering a different city.

Being a predominantly Mormon territory, there are some items to consider not typically involved when moving elsewhere. But just like any place, it has its advantages and disadvantages that must be considered against the overall values and priorities of your family.

Here are some thoughts on Salt Lake City to help you discern the right choice.


Salt Lake City is known to be somewhat culturally repressive and conservative due to the dominant presence of the Church of the Latter-Day Saints. However, it is not one hundred percent populated by Mormons.

They do have a thriving Greek Orthodox population and numerous Catholics, so this impression may be overblown. It’s has a lower median salary compared to other states. You can expect a stark lack of diversity in Salt Lake City, so same-sex couples and bi-racial families are not the norm.


It’s important to view the disadvantages of life in Salt Lake City against the backdrop of its more salient advantages. Due to the predominantly religious population, the crime rate is very low. Salt Lake City provides a safe and wholesome environment to raise small children with many child care options, such as Smart Kids Development Center.

Affordable Living

Its low median salary is offset by a lower cost of living. It has quality schools in every neighborhood with good science and technology programs. Utah as a state ranks 11th in terms of educational attainment and 8th in terms of quality of education.

Utah also earned the top spot for the percentage of students who take the ACT. In terms of safety for, Utah schools also rank high at 7th place with only 5.5% of students reporting incidences related to safety.

It is important to remember that Salt Lake City, and the rest of Utah, is unlike other states in the country. They might have their own conservative subculture, but if you and your family do not mind the lack of diversity given the many advantages of living there, it might just be a good fit. So, weigh things carefully against the values and priorities of your family before deciding on a move to Salt Lake City.