Construction Mishaps and Dangers

construction mishap

construction mishapWorking in a construction site is dangerous. Apart from the potential side effects to health, you risk grave physical harm. Accidents can and will happen, and being aware of these common work-related hazards can save you a trip to the hospital.

The site explained, “Working in the building and construction industry can be a dangerous business, despite all the Health & Safety legislation in existence. Whether you are employed or self employed, working for the main contractor or a sub contractor, you are still owed a duty of care towards you and they have a responsibility to minimise any dangers and keep you as safe as possible at work.”

Falling debris

Take note that the most common construction related hazards come from falling items and debris. It may be comical to think of, but having a brick land on your head can lead to a serious injury. Always be aware of your surroundings and wear your hard hat at all times. Having something land on your head still hurts even with a hard hat on your head, but at least you will survive.

Slips and falls

There is always a risk of slipping and falling. This can be very deadly if you are working from a high place. Never leave your tools and wires scattered about the walkways or place them where people are likely to pass through. Weather plays a part here, so clean up any puddles of water to minimise slips. If you are working from an elevated place, watch your step and hold on to the handrails.

Machines, vehicles, and equipment

Machines present an immediate danger to you in the event it malfunctions, so check it before you operate it. Trucks and other large vehicles running people over are also surprisingly common, and are due to cramped locations and drivers forgetting that you are there. Again, always be aware at all times, especially if you are the one behind the wheel.

The equipment you use can be dangerous for both you and your co-workers. Power tools such as drills, welding machines, and circular saws are just some of the most dangerous construction tools that you should always handle with care.

Always remember that your safety should always be your priority when working in a construction site. Wear your gear at all times, and stay alert of what is going on around you.