Creative Ways to Dress Up Your Patio Door

Woman called an expert to dress up her patio door

It takes thoughtful consideration to make a stunning patio door design. If you choose the right elements, your exterior doors can enhance your home’s overall curb appeal. Customising your doors can also be a fun and satisfying way to personalise your home.

Here are creative ways to dress up your sliding folding doors and make them stand out:

Optimise Grille Patterns

Grilles on doors exude a classic feel. They are useful in accentuating the distinct architecture of any home. Whether you want to match the existing grille patterns in your home or have something different to create a centrepiece, the design possibilities are endless. Ask your trusted door provider for their grille designs or let them know about your specifications.

Find the Right Colour Combination

Patio doors come in a wide variety of colours, finishes and wood species. Remember that the style and colour you choose will affect your home’s exterior and interior design. Much like windows, doors contribute to your home’s look. That is why it is important to pay attention to all existing elements from both sides. The colours and shades you choose will make your doors blend in or stand out.

Look for Matching Hardware Finishes

Create a uniform look by coordinating the finish of your locks, hinges and handles with the other pieces of hardware around your home. For example, if you use brass for your interior fixtures, choosing chrome may mess up the theme or sense of harmony in the area. Stick with the colour scheme or palette.

Take these simple steps to keep your new patio doors from becoming an eyesore. The customisation process likewise allows you to become more hands-on on designing your personal space. This way, you can find and include pieces that reflect your personality and lifestyle.