Custom Rims: Improving Your Car’s Look and Performance

custom car rimsCar racers and avid car enthusiasts often customize their vehicles, and rims are one of the first things owners modify. If you’re new to customizing vehicles, you’ll be surprised at the number of choices you have for rims, tires, and wheels.

Fortunately, choosing the right kind of rims isn’t as hard as you may think. Here are some tips to finding the perfect set of rims for your car:


According to Car Audio One, custom rims don’t just improve the look of your car, but enhance its performance. A bigger rim diameter shortens the sidewall of your tires, which can improve their grip on the road. Increasing the rim size also enhances your vehicle’s steering and handling responses.

If you want to change your rims, learn about Plus Sizing. Supposing you have rims with a 16-inch diameter and a 7-inch width, getting a Plus One size means increasing the diameter by an inch and the width by .5 inch. A Plus Two size increases the diameter by two inches and the width by one inch, from 16-inch and 7-inch, you’ll have a set of rims with an 18-inch diameter and an 8-inch width.


You have unlimited options when it comes to rim styles. Popular styles on the market are aluminum and chrome rims. Many owners choose chrome as it is rust resistant. Furthermore, it offers an impressive shine while providing the same lightweight performance you get from stock alloy wheels. If you want to increase your car’s curbside appeal, think about getting black rims with amazing spoke patterns. Others, especially those who participate in car shows frequently, prefer red rims and add accents to their wheels.

Want the streets to notice you? Don’t just add decals on your car; modify your rims, too.

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