Dental Fears: Reducing Anxiety in Kids

Dental Visit in MurrayChildren excited about their dental appointment? That’s a rare sight to see. Not all children look forward to their visit and the best thing you can do as a parent is to ease their mind and reduce anxiety. Your goal is to offer comfort and reassurance to make their visit a positive experience.

Pediatric dentists in Murray and other parts of the Salt Lake County share a few ways to ease your kid’s fear of the dentist:

Know the Cause of Anxiety

Determine what is causing the anxiety by talking to your child. It may be because of something they’ve seen on TV or a scary experience shared by a friend or classmate. Assure them that you know what they are feeling. Make your kid open up to gain a better understanding of the problem and deal with the underlying issues properly.

Provide Simple Answers

When giving details about dental visits, limit the information you tell them. Provide simple and straightforward answers to their questions. It is best to let the dentist deal with complex questions, as they can describe things in a less frightening manner. Be sure not to share a scary or an unpleasant dental experience you had.

Visit with a Loved One

An appointment together with a sibling or other family member will show them that they are not alone. Many kids often like to imitate their older brother or sister. You can let your child watch an older sibling or other family sits in the dentist’s chair. This can help ease their anxiety, while providing a boost in self-confidence.

Talk to the Dentist

Before the appointment, tell the dentist about your child’s fear. The dentist can calm your child by talking to them or demonstrating the procedure to another person or a doll. They can also tell stories to keep the focus away from the procedure. A little preparation, sometimes, can make the appointment less threatening and more enjoyable.

It is normal for your child to be fearful. The suggestions above can be helpful in easing their anxiety. Stress the importance of maintaining healthy teeth and gums and tell them that the dentist is the right partner in doing so.