Designing Haunted Houses: Making Realistic Elements

Haunted House in Minnesota

Haunted House in MinnesotaHaunted houses are a popular form of attraction that is a sure hit for any season. Not all haunted houses, however, may be successful in providing legit scares or any original experience for their visitors. You do not want your guests to go out of the attraction having no good things to say.

What makes haunted houses in Minnesota so effective at the craft is the art that goes into designing the look of the park. If you want to replicate this quality into your own mini-attraction within your community, you have to learn how to make realistic designs, suggests an expert from The Haunting Experience.


Spider webs are a common design for events during Halloween. It denotes a feeling that the place has been abandoned for a long time for spiders to thrive. While you cannot buy actual spiders to produce enough webs for your house, you can replicate this with simple tools. If you do not have the funds, you can simply go with cotton balls and stretch them out until they resemble threads of webbings. Otherwise, you can buy cobweb guns and sticks that provide a more realistic feel.


Fake blood is a staple for any horror-related event so you have to learn how to produce it in large quantities. Apart from the amount, you also need to get the actual look and feel of it. It is not enough that you buy red paint to splatter on walls. Paint can also be smelly and dangerous to the guest’s health. You need to do it like how they do in the movies. Mixing water, red food coloring, and cocoa powder can help you get the color closest to real blood. Adding cornstarch and corn syrup can help make it look thicker.

Remember these things when designing your own haunted house and you are sure to be ready every Halloween.