Designing Your Work Space to Match Your Brand

Inside an office

If you own a business and are truly passionate about it, you’ll incorporate your brand personality into everything in your business — promotional items in your brand colours, your logo on all business emails, or even hire flooring services for your commercial space to give it a look that matches your brand.

Though branding is more common in giving your customers an impression of who your brand is, you can also use it to teach your employees how to live and breathe your brand. This will leak into the quality of their work making your products or services more unique and original. Here’s how you can incorporate your brand personality into your office workspace to make your brand resonate not only with your customers but with your employees as well.

1. Colours

They say red exudes passion and excitement. Orange is youthfulness and adventure. Yellow is optimistic and playful. Colours play an important role in branding depending on how you want people to perceive your product and service. If you have an environment-friendly product, for example, you can incorporate greens and browns on your office walls, or carpets.

2. Wardrobe

This doesn’t always mean letting them come in uniform. If you’re part of a corporate company where you have to face executives of other businesses, you can dress up in business attire. If you want the younger crowd to feel comfortable in your coffee shop, hire people that have brightly coloured hair, or tattoos — such as the classic hipster.

3. Office Furniture

The famous design of the Google office is a good example. The playful colours and oddly-shaped designs of their chairs and tables set a calm and comfortable environment not only for their visitors but most especially for their employees.

Your brand personality must start from those who promote it and from the place where it’s produced. Doing this will make everyone feel that they’re a part of your business family.