Diagnosing a Faulty Airbag System


AirbagWhen an accident happens, your car’s airbags and the seatbelts are often the only things that stand in the way between life and death. Unfortunately, the airbag system tends to suffer from many technical glitches and faults, and you should not ignore or take them lightly.

Diagnosing a faulty airbag system is easier said than done as not everyone has a computer with diagnostic software that can look into the inner details of your car’s airbag or SRS system. Fortunately, there are some tell-tale signs that something may be wrong with your car’s airbags.

Why is the Light On?

Be wary when you see your car’s airbag warning light on, as it may be an indicator that there’s a problem with the SRS and airbag system. If the airbags have been deployed recently, this only serves as a warning that the airbag requires repair work; specifically, the airbag module needs reconditioning so that you can actually use it again.

If the airbags have never been deployed, then the problem may be more serious as there may be a fault within the actual deployment system. The light may be on simply because there’s faulty wiring under the car seats, or there’s a bad connection between the seat airbags and the pre-tensioners in the seat belt.

Causes of Faulty Wiring

The actual cause of faulty wiring is a bit difficult to determine, as it can simply be a fault in the manufacturer’s side. However, how you ‘take care’ of your car, particularly where you’re resting your feet on when you drive, can affect the wiring.

When the car’s floor carpets start becoming too damp, the moisture may find its way into the wiring, shorting them out and preventing the wires and mechanism from actually performing its job. In time, the moisture may even corrode the wiring, which may necessitate a full-blown replacement.

Although you can do your own diagnosis of your car’s airbag system, it’s better if you seek professional help if the cause of the problem isn’t as easy to spot as a simple wire shorting out or seat area that’s too moist. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and when it comes to the car’s airbags, there’s really no room for compromise.