Digital Footprints of Someone’s Possible Infidelity

Cheating Husband

Cheating Husband in OremWomen like you just have that innate power of sensing whether something isn’t right. Whether it’s because of your delicate balance (or imbalance) of hormones or the way you remember everything, you can sense if something is off.

But because of technology, covering the tracks of infidelity is easier — if you don’t know where to look. But with just a little tech expertise, a wife can also use technology to find out if her husband has been cheating.

Here are the possible signs:

1. Clean messaging and call history

With so much storage space in mobile phones, tablets and computers, who even bothers to delete anything? While most people simply erase unknown numbers and SPAM text, a clear messaging history is suspicious. For a scatterbrained cheater, deleting everything is easier.

2. He’s on his phone, computer or tablet more often

If the device is new, you can rest easy. But if he seems to be smiling too much at the device, seem to want it next to him or with him all the time, you should look at it.

3. Likes, tags and comments from one new person

If you notice that someone new is “liking” your husband’s posts a lot, tagging him in innocuous quotes or commenting excessively, you have someone who’s following your husband’s posts or stalking his profile. Look into this person and know how she meets your husband outside of social media.

4. Inside jokes in chats and social media

When your husband and someone have inside jokes on posts and comments, you could try asking about it. If he finds it difficult to talk to you about the joke or if he can’t explain it very well, he and someone else might be having a special understanding or relationship.

Remember, these things are not proof that your husband is unfaithful. These are just possible signs, so you still need to confront him. Don’t be afraid of asking him. It’s your future that’s a stake. says a divorce lawyer in Orem can help you in case you decide to file for divorce once you’ve proven your husband is unfaithful.