DIY Gardener Tips: The Best Grass Fertilizer for Your Home Lawn

Fertilizing the grass

Nitrogen is one of the most essential nutrients contained in fertilizer for lawn grass. When you let grass clippings decompose, you can make about a pound of nitrogen per one thousand square feet. However, it is only one component. Are you giving your yard what it needs to sustain the growth of green, healthy grass?

Artificial vs. natural

Every gardener should have a working knowledge of fertilizers. Have you done your homework? Alternatively, do you still need advise from experts in Salt Lake City on lawn fertilization?

Natural fertilizers can be enough to maintain soil quality. Biological processes can sustain soil and plant ecology. Homeowners should know when soil needs synthetics. The right balance and interaction of organic and synthetic fertilizers result in a yard that is ready to sustain grass all year long.

The main nutrients

Food for grass is usually represented by N-P-K, which is the short form for nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium. These letters are symbols that represent the nutrients in the Table of Elements.

Nitrogen is an important ingredient in fertilizers intended for grass. Nitrogen promotes growth. Fertilizers consist of two types of nitrogen — controlled release and fast release. Controlled-release nitrogen is the recommended type for most fertilizer applications. The latter usually takes effect within eight weeks. While nitrogen is a key stimulant for color and growth, too much of it leads to excess top growth and potential problems.

The other two essential nutrients are phosphorus and potassium. Phosphorus facilitates generation of new plant tissue and is necessary for cell division. It is also essential for root and flower growth and development. Meanwhile, potassium increases the ability of the grass to resist drought and disease. It is also a catalyst for processing of nitrogen in plant cells.

You must use fertilizers for grass properly. Knowing about the content and percentage of essential nutrients is only skimming the surface. Proper selection of fertilizer products determines the health and vitality of your lawn.