DIY Wedding Decoration Tips

White flowers decorations during outdoor wedding ceremony

\While everyone wants a wedding fit for royalty, the fact is that sometimes – DIY is the better option if you prefer to save your cash for actual married life. Here are some DIY tips that should help you in cutting back the expenses while still getting awesome wedding decor.

Rent It Out

You don’t have to buy the entire wedding decor you’re going to use. Some companies offer decoration rental. You can also hire firms such as Alexan Events, an event florist in Denver, allowing you to get the best decors for the wedding.

Some things you can rent include the chair of the bride and groom, tables, chairs, and even sculptures.

Keep the Color Central

Choose one or two complementary colors and stick to that throughout the entire wedding scheme from the wedding itself to the reception. This makes it easier for you to mix and match decors for the venue, especially if you’re not really used to decorating.

The important focal points are the chairs of the couple, the table covers, and the napkin. If you can match the latter two, your wedding decor is halfway done.

Use Nature’s Green

Flowers can be quite expensive – so why not go for something green? Leaves as wedding decor can liven up the space, providing a cool atmosphere that everyone will love. If you fancy an outdoor wedding, but the weather just won’t permit it, then you can bring the outdoors inside by using leaves.

Thrift Stores for Cheap Designs

There are some things you just can’t DIY, so go to thrift shops to help you find the perfect decor. These are the places where you can easily find cool center tables at just a dollar a piece. Remember that your centre table doesn’t always have to be flowers.

You can choose fruity candles or succulents that can double as the souvenirs.

Of course, those are just some of the techniques you can use. You’ll find that with the right preparation and planning, you’ll be able to enjoy an awesome wedding that’s still pocket-cheap.