Don’t Believe These Termite Myths

House TermitesIf termites have ever infested your house, then you know the nightmare they can be. These pests are some of the most destructive insects in the world. Each year, homeowners lose a huge amount of money due to termites. Much of these losses are caused by the failure to understand these tiny pests.

Here are four of the most common myths about termites:

Termites don’t attack brick houses

Whether your house is built on a concrete slab or not, you still need to worry about termites. Chances are you have used wood in one part of your house or another. And termites know how to work their way into the wood through cracks to reach the wood, so while you would like to believe that your house is safe from an attack, getting it treated is the most prudent thing to do.

Termite control is simple

Treating termites is not a simple DIY project. Although there are a wide variety of chemicals available for sale over the counter that can kill termites, only a professional will know the right target areas to treat and take care of the colony. It’s wise to consult a termite exterminator like A1 Exterminators.

It’s easy to detect an infestation

Most homeowners realize their house is under a termite attack too late. Termites construct channels in your house very quietly. They will hide in places you can’t reach. The best solution is to get an expert to inspect your house for an attack and treat it before too long.

Termite control is a costly project

Some homeowners would rather ignore termite treatment than face the cost to have it done. However, in the long run, failure to take measures to have an infestation control costs much more than you would have paid initially. Also, there is a significant number of payment options available.

Termites can be a nightmare for many homeowners, and it is not an easy job to eliminate them. Fortunately, some professionals can detect the problem and solve it. The best idea is to hire them as early as possible.