Don’t Let Your Emotionally-Abusive Relationship Go Further

Abusive partner's shadow threatening the woman

Not a lot of people are aware of the staggering amount of divorces that take place in Australia. The country sees one in every three marriages end in a divorce, with many of these cases having resulted from extremely unpleasant situations. And while the number of granted divorces in the nation has consistently dropped, it doesn’t take away the fact that in many situations, dissolving a marriage has become a necessity because health and safety issues are already involved.

It’s important that you already consider working with one of the highly experienced Townsville divorce lawyers if your spouse abuses you not just physically, but emotionally too.

Emotional abuse is abuse

Many people think that only abuse carried out physically makes it to the list of grounds for divorce. The truth is, emotional abuse is just as solid a ground as physical abuse. They may differ in terms of one carries them out and the resulting manifestations, but they both result in the endangerment of the abuse’s recipient.

Emotional abuse is still a form of abuse, and what’s even scarier about it is that it occurs a lot more in relationships – legally bound or not – than physical abuse.

When things go beyond disagreements and fights

No relationship is perfect. All couples have and will go through disagreements and fights, no matter how small it is. But when one of the spouses already has to meet every single day with distrust, fear, feelings of helplessness, or emotions of having no self-worth, then it’s highly possible that he/she is already a recipient of emotional abuse.

Always keep in mind that you don’t have to live the rest of your life with such an emotionally or psychologically-abusive husband/wife. You shouldn’t. This will literally and figuratively take the life out of you. No one deserves any maltreatment, and no one has the right to abuse anyone.