Don’t Underestimate Bikes: They are Good for the Health


BicyclingExercise is one of the best ways to prevent illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and arthritis. It comes in many forms, but we all need to exercise for the same reason — for good health.

One of the most effective forms of exercise is cycling. In fact, it is dubbed as one of the most enjoyable exercises because you get to see the world while losing all those extra weight, according to Erik’s Bike Shop Inc. Here are some of the other things cycling can do for you:

  • Stress-Reliever

Scientific evidence says cycling can reduce stress. Stress is one predisposing factor for many diseases, especially heart problems. In many surveys, motorists report having lower stress levels when riding the bicycle to work compared to those who use cars or mass transportation.

  • Strengthens and Tones Muscles

The notion that cycling only strengthens the leg muscles is not true. In fact, it creates a holistic effect on the body, and strengthens all the muscles. It specifically targets the muscles in the legs, thigh, pelvis, and buttocks.

  • Increased Cardiovascular Fitness

The risk of cardiovascular diseases like stroke, hypertension, and heart attack could be reduced by exercise. Riding a bicycle, in particular, contributes in stimulating and improving blood circulation, as well as lung expansion and heart rhythm.

  • Promotes Weight Loss

Cycling promotes weight loss. Just one hour of biking can burn up to 650 calories.

The best time to ride a bicycle is for about 150 minutes per week. This is one of the best exercises, because apart from burning all those calories, it tones the muscles in the legs, thighs, and back. It may also promote fat loss in the stomach area.

Cycling, like any other physical activity, such as snowboarding and skiing, has many health benefits. If you’re not into it yet, now is the right time to get your own bike and ride to a healthy, new you.