Easy Hacks to Have Your Coloured Hair Look More Fabulous

Hair Colour TreatmentHair colour products allow anyone to achieve their desired hairstyle. Using one is an effective way to get a trendy makeover and experiment with different looks. However, colour-treated hair needs special attention to keep the glow preserved for long. It needs extra care to prevent damage, and keep the hair healthy.

Here are some simple hacks to maintain your coloured hair:

Use Products Designed Specifically for Colour-Treated Hair

Using regular hair products will not do any harm to your colour-treated hair, but it won’t add any value to it either. There are several high-quality products sold by reputable hair care brands for coloured-treated hair. Those shampoos and conditioners are not just for nourishing hair, but also minimise the damage caused by blowdrying, perming and many more.

It’s best to consult hairdressing experts for recommendations based on your hair type. The specially formulated shampoos, conditioners and serums protect colour-treated hair by speeding up the hair cuticle to hold the colour on the strands.

Shampoo Less Frequently

Avoid washing coloured hair frequently, as it can fade faster. Clarifying shampoos expand your hair strands, and take away the colour slowly. Water drains away the colour vibrancy, and gives you faded looking hair. Retain the natural oils that condition coloured hair by using shampoo only twice or thrice a week. Look for good quality products that will brighten the colour of your hair, and not take away from it.

Even simple procedures like washing your hair with lukewarm or cool water are a great way to prevent the strands from stretching and fading the colour. Deep conditioning colour-treated hair immediately after the colouring job also minimizes the damage done to the hair in the process, and keeps your mane healthy looking. It’s all about taking special care, using the right products, and adhering to a more rigid hair care regime to have great looking hair.