Efficiency and Style: An Overview on Porsche’s Locomotive and Aesthetic Power


PorscheOn their own, Porsches represent both the Beauty and the Beast, an almost-perfection of style and efficiency other cars can only dream of achieving. One does not simply give a Porsche a makeover. You just take it to another level of perfection.


Porsche works on the principle of beauty and power, a visual spectacle with something to show for it. The experience of discovering its wonders is similar to unwrapping a gift. Open the trunk, and inside you will find the force behind the masterpiece.

Porsche works with the best engine dealers in the world. Because they have a strict reputation to uphold, they cannot risk running on gears that would fail them.

Behind the trunk is a machine that produces over 900 horsepower and 680ft-lbs of torque on racing fuel. Charging at 900HP, its acceleration is sure to leave other cars in the dust. Another advantage is its priority on turbocharger systems that allow a substantial increase in horsepower with losing boost response.


The shapely and curvy wheels under a Porsche 911 are usually from Fuchsfelge, a company specializing in alloy-forged wheels tailored to the Porsche’s look, particularly the 964 and 993 models.

According to a Fuchs dealer, their wheels contain at least 95% aluminum. A forging alloy with this amount of aluminum is far more efficient than any cast material in terms of malleability and strength. Another upside of the alloy wheel is the relative fineness of the walls, making them lighter and safer in extreme driving situations.

Because of the reduced wall-thickness, and the delicate appearance of the wheels, they offer far superior aesthetics to any other wheel material. Alloy wheels also come with a variety of surfaces, such as polished, painted and chrome.

“Design is not simply art, it is elegance of function,” said Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, grandson to the mastermind behind the German paragon. With this quote, he was able to summarize what Porsche stands for, which is style and strength rolled into a single high-powered engine enveloped in a sleek, elegant finish.