Elegant and Fast-Growing Hedges to Plant for Privacy

Gardener pruning hedge

The world is pushing towards environmental sustainability. One of the ways you can play a part in this movement is by opting for a hedge instead of metal or brick fence for your property. The hedge creates a beautiful landscape, purifies your air, and blocks noise and strong winds.

There are specific hedges meant for privacy. These are the ones that grow to a height above 6 feet and have dense foliage to keep prying eyes out. Regular hedge pruning is recommended to add elegance to your scenery. Here are some hedge options for privacy.


This is the most common preference for privacy hedges. Some yew varieties grow up to a height of 6 feet and a width of 16 feet. Yew is also preferred because of its tolerance of a wide range of soils. The ideal time for planting of yew is September to October and March to April. Hard pruning of yew hedges is often recommended for late winter.

Heavenly Bamboo

This is the ideal option for property owners looking for privacy and an aesthetic appeal. Heavenly bamboo consists of red berries and white flowers and though delicate, is incredibly strong. It should ideally be pruned in spring before new growth. Heavenly bamboo is a shade-tolerant plant, which grows well regardless of its amount of exposure to sunlight.

Leyland Cypress

This is an evergreen hedge with scale-like flat leaves preferred for privacy hedges due to its remarkable height, lush foliage, and fast growth. It grows on a broad range of soil types and withstands extreme climatic conditions including strong winds, cold and heat. Cypress Leyland, however, requires high maintenance since it should be trimmed severally to prevent overgrowth.

Ensuring your hedges are well maintained is essential to your plant health. It prevents spread of disease as it spots and curbs them early and stimulates the growth of longer stems, better fruit, and more extended stems. Hiring an expert company to handle your hedge maintenance is hence imperative.