Embracing Winter: 4 Ways to Have the Best Ski Town Vacation Ever


Winter is finally here. Are yoSkiu willing to embrace its coldness and stillness? Many people hate this season – from using socks thicker than a book and not being able to drink iced coffee to wearing turtlenecks and seemingly endless gray days. But, keep in mind that there is a bright side to it that will make you love the icy weather. One great excuse is you can visit a wonderful ski town and enjoy tons of ice and windy nights.

Not every ski town, however, is a good choice for a winter vacation. But, you will never go wrong when you visit Alaska and experience everything it has to offer. If you are planning to explore the country, let this article help you make the stay as fun and unforgettable as possible.

Choose a Luxurious Accommodation

Nothing beats the comfort of a warm place in the heart of Alaska. Look for a place where you can enjoy a soak in a luxury hot tub. It’s a great activity to do after a day on the snow. There are also accommodations that let guests have an afternoon jam session, which is perfect to meet new friends.

Try an Adrenaline Pumping Activity

What makes a ski town fun and amazing? Of course, you don’t want to miss the chance of experiencing the thrill of heli skiing and snowboarding. As tordrillomountainlodge.com, a leading heli-adventure guide and multi-sport company, puts it: “Improvements in gear, industry standards, access to information, and safety procedures have made heli skiing into what it is today and have allowed heli skiing operators to attract a far wider market of skiers and snowboarders. Taking part in a heli skiing adventure now requires little more than a decent level of experience on the snow and a weekend off from work.”

Taste Gourmet Cuisine

Every place in the world has its fair share of scrumptious dishes. In Alaska, its important foods include smoked salmon, king crabs, moose, caribou, elk or bear. You are probably not familiar with these meats, but they are a source of protein for Alaskans. An Eskimo ice cream and tender, smoky chunks of brisket during a chilly Saturday afternoon would be great.

Alaska is no doubt a wonderful place to discover. This article may not have hundreds of reasons to prove it, but these three are enough to make you believe.