Event Sponsorship: Promoting Your Brand in Style

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There are many ways to promote a brand, but there is nothing more brilliant than to do it by sponsoring an event. Your market receives thousands of advertising messages every day. To increase brand visibility and improve sales, you need to find a strategy to connect with your target audience and let your message stick. Event sponsorships give you that and more.

event planner

1. Increased Brand Awareness, Recognition and Credibility

Event planners at Entertainment Industries note that strategic brand placements on tickets, signage, brochures and flyers can improve brand awareness. As you are not directly marketing your brand, but the event, your target market will not feel as if they are receiving too much advertisement from your company.

2. Develop Business Partnerships

One of the most important benefits of sponsoring an event is expanding your network, which gives you the opportunity to develop new business partnerships. When you connect with the right businesses, it will not be difficult to improve your brand image and increase customer loyalty. For instance, a business case study of Vodafone presented how the company benefitted from a partnership with Ferrari.

3. Highly Targeted Market

Events bring the right crowd within your reach. Unlike other advertising techniques, you will not be shooting blind in events, as you know your company and attendees share the same interests. To make the most of the opportunity, experts suggest providing trial offers or distributing sample products. You may also set up booths and displays to encourage customers to purchase your products.

4. Better Lead Generation

Another important benefit of sponsoring an event is getting a list of attendees who are willing to receive advertising materials from your company, such as newsletters and email marketing messages. If your event planner cannot share the list of attendees with you due to privacy clauses, they may be able to send your messages on your behalf, which can still boost your online marketing campaign.

Promoting a brand is not just about buying advertisement slots, getting celebrity endorsements or doing email marketing blasts. Have fun with your brand, future business partners and target market in a fun and exciting event.

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