Exploring facial aesthetics

Facial AestheticsCosmetic treatments are designed to provide patients with a look that leaves them feeling more confident and comfortable in their own skin. Facial aesthetics specifically focuses on enhancements to the face. The demand for non-invasive cosmetic treatments means there is a need for highly trained medical professionals to administer them. This ensures patients will receive treatment in a safe, ethical and responsible manner. The Botox Training Club offers facial aesthetics courses for doctors to meet this demand.

What does the course involve?

The facial aesthetics course addresses the top three problem areas that patients seek treatment for: the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes. Reducing expression lines and wrinkles around these areas can be achieved with the careful administration of Botox injections. During the course ample practical experience is provided, with each delegate having at least one model to work on. What’s more, two weeks after the course you will have the chance to see your patient again, assess the success of the treatment and provide top-up treatment if needed. This allows each delegate to get a more real world experience of managing a treatment plan for patients.

Each course has a maximum of five delegates, to ensure there is time and opportunity to ask questions and have concerns addressed. Pre-course reading material is also provided so that you can gain an introduction to facial aesthetics before attending the course itself. The course itself contributes to your continuing professional development. On completion of the course, free telephone and email support is also available for three months. This will help you as you begin your foray into a facial aesthetics career.

The business aspects of launching a career in facial aesthetics are also covered. This includes how to market your new found skills, attract and retain patients, as well as the necessary paperwork you will need to complete.

The thinking behind the course

Facial aesthetics courses for doctors at the Botox Training Club were developed by dentist Dr Harry Singh. He has well over a decade of experience in facial aesthetics and has managed over 3000 cases; all of which is channelled into the courses to provide delegates with a realistic and practical guide to facial aesthetics.