Five Common Culprits to Everyday Plumbing Woes

Plumbing in IndianaPlumbing is one of the oldest professions in the world. The annals of history show that plumbing has been around since ancient civilizations. But, thousands of years since its early origins, plumbing has gone through many changes and advancements. Plumbers have greatly improved their techniques and skills, thanks to new technology and modern hygiene.

While plumbers are a valuable part of our community, some plumbing tasks are simple enough for a DIY quick-fix, Here are five common culprits of plumbing woes – and what you should or should not do about them:

  1. Avoid “flushable” wipes as they are one of the main causes of clogged pipes. Despite being marketed as “flushable” these wipes do not break down like toilet paper. Get rid of these wipes by throwing them in the trash.
  2. A burst washing machine hose is among top homeowner insurance claims. Use a stainless steel tube as a replacement for rubber hoses that are too flimsy to properly do the job. Carefully follow your washing machine’s laundry operating instructions.
  3. Your basement pipes are not for hanging clothes or other things. Hanging objects and items from the pipes could cause them to burst and flood your basement. Get a rack hanger, hooks, or other proper forms of storage.
  4. Incorrect toilet flushing is best resolved with a plunger or, better yet, an auger. Do not use liquid cleaners as they erode pipes. Do not put bricks on the inside your toilet tank, either.
  5. Long or shedding hair clogs the drain. Purchase either a hair snare or drain strainer. You can also clear the drain by using a paper towel. Also, too much soap in the shower can build up in pipes, so use only what you need when you bathe.Common

For weightier matters – such as a sputtering shower head, tree root invasion, severely clogged-up bathtub, and water heater issues – you are better off seeking the help of a professional. These days, companies such as offer a variety of handymen services, including plumbing – so don’t hesitate to call for help, when you need it. When looking for handyman services in Indiana or elsewhere, make sure to go to a reliable company, to ensure that you get the highest quality plumbing service and state-licensed plumbers.

Professional plumbers and handymen from reputable companies might charge a little more up-front; but in the long run, it is an eco-saver as you avoid call-backs and extra charges. Remember, as well, to opt for a company that provides a service warranty for major installations or repairs.

Your plumber is your friend and helps you keep your home in order. And this fact hasn’t changed from thousands of years ago.