Food Vs Poison: Why Food Safety Is Important

Safety Food Handling

Food SafetyA healthy lifestyle dictates us to eat on time and eat nutritious foods. But in a fast-paced society, preparing your own food is mostly difficult to achieve, resulting in missing meals. Most individuals eat what’s convenient. If not instant items that are packed with preservatives, going to the nearest diners is easy.

Food Recall

Australia, as one of the first world countries, has managed to monitor the status of the food industry. In fact, a very notable recording of food recalls has been accomplished. Food recall has specific classifications which cover the total wellness of the food. In relation to safety, they recall food for unmet standards such as microbial contamination, contaminants, and biotoxins.

The record shows that a number of recalls went up from 2014 to 2015. In 2015, 81 recalls were noted and 28 of them is attributed to microbial and biotoxin presence. Nonetheless, these records were maintained to address the concerns of food safety and take further action to prevent it.

Safety Food Handling

Food handling safety does not only require to the food chains and restaurants. It also applies to each household. Bacterial contamination can be present in meats, poultry, canned goods and even in the most coveted gravies if not handled correctly. Ready-to-eat products may be contaminated with the water transmitted by its handler.

For restaurants, staffs are required to undergo safe food handling training from My Food Safety as a precautionary measure against food poisoning which is a very good action for the implementing agencies to keep the population confident in eating safely.

New innovations have been launched by Korean researchers. A laser can be mounted on refrigerators that screens the food for any microorganisms that may cause foodborne illnesses. This way, individuals are alerted and are saved from ingesting harmful microbes. This is great news for everyone to escalate the level of guarantee in terms of food safety.