Foodgasm: The Emotional Satisfaction of Baking

BakingWhen cooking savoury dishes, you mostly just go through the process to reach the end result, which is eating. You will find the satisfaction when you — or your clients — take a bite from the sumptuous dinner you prepared. You even go that extra mile and take online food safety training courses to make sure your meals are safe enough to consume.

Baking, on the other hand, is a panacea for the modern lifestyle. This time around, the satisfaction is not only in the result, but with the process itself as well. In a fast-paced world, who would’ve thought the simple act of making desserts can lead to an emotionally and mentally healthy you?

The Scent Satisfaction

You know that moment when the dough rises and your kitchen fills with sweet scents of butter, flour and chocolate? It turns out that the smell of baked desserts isn’t only pleasant, but it’s strongly emotional too.

A neurologist named Dr Alan Hirsch, who studies olfactory-invoked nostalgia, discovered that the scents produced by baking have a huge effect on memory. It’s the number one scent that made people nostalgic for their childhood.

The Procedure Satisfaction

Most people perceive baking as a talent, but it’s mostly science. Unlike other types of cooking, baking doesn’t require intuition. You follow a good recipe meticulously and then voila – you’ve made a delicious dessert.

It’s really about channelling your perfectionist side by following the measurements to the right amount. The concentration it requires provides a calming and meditative quality.

The Sharing Satisfaction

Baking is usually a shared experience. You don’t bake a whole cake just for yourself, right? Instead, you share what you’re making. Sharing provides that warm fuzzy feeling when you see the smile on their faces.

Baking doesn’t only end in yummy desserts but also in a healthy well-being. Now that’s a win-win!