Four Best Tips for Sharpening Scissors

Woman cutting hair

Your scissors require sharpening often, especially when you have trouble cutting the tips. However, you have to be careful when sharpening your scissors. You can permanently ruin its blades when you don’t do it the proper way. When your scissors are well-kept, you don’t have to sharpen them before you serve about 700 customers. However, you will have to sharpen your scissors often if you frequently cut damaged, thick, treated, coarse, and dirty hair. These scissor sharpening tips will help you maintain your shears in excellent condition.

1. Identify the Cutting Edge

The cutting edge of your scissors should be the part that gets the most maintenance. You need to know which one is the cutting edge and once you have identified the scissor’s part that should be sharpened, the next thing is to know how to go about it.

2. Use Aluminium Foil

You have to use aluminium foil to sharpen your hair scissors. It is a better alternative for sharpening smaller tools like scissors. You need to fold the aluminium foil to resemble a paper fan, ensuring that it has a suitable thickness to create resistance so that the scissors don’t cut during the sharpening procedure.

3. Use Professional Sharpening Tools

You could also use professional scissors sharpening tools. These are the most effective ways of sharpening scissors. Most of these tools have high alumina ceramic stones that are designed to sharpen any device with a blade.

4. Use Alcohol

Alcohol is another effective way of sharpening your scissors. It gets rid of debris or gunk from the blades, which ensures that the edges remain sharp for a longer time. You can run a cotton ball dipped in alcohol over the blade for final cleaning.

Now that you know scissor sharpening tips, you don’t have a reason for having blunt scissors. You can also consider searching for professional sharpening services. Besides, for any professional hairdresser, the best way to stay on top is to maintain your equipment.