Four Ways to Raise an Intelligent Child

Baby With Glasses

Baby With GlassesAccording to child development experts, the first few years of a child is a crucial period in learning and brain development. This is the reason parents should realise the importance of brain training for their babies and toddlers.

There are many ways to stimulate and teach them right at your home. Here are some tips from to boost your baby’s brain power so they can grow smart and intellectually healthy.

Learn and practice ‘parentese.’

Talking to your baby is highly beneficial to the area of their brain that is responsible for language and speech. ‘Parentese’ is the term used by specialists to describe the way parents talk to the babies. It’s the use of long high-pitched vowels in short and simple sentences. Words and sentences are often repeated several times and come with facial movements. Practice parentese so your baby can learn language easier and more effectively.

Repetition is the key.

For babies to easily learn and remember things, you should repeat everything you teach them. Repetitive teaching allows for better connections between their neurons. This results to a more positive interaction between you and your baby, which is highly essential in stimulating their brains.

But there’s still a limit to repeating what you teach them. Stop when you see signs of boredom in your baby.

Massage your baby.

Babies can also be prone to stress, as they are sensitive to their environment. To relieve their stress, you can give them body massage. Doing so can help promote a feeling of well-being and security. This can also promote physical growth. Premature babies who are massaged three times a day can be discharged from the hospital earlier than those who weren’t, writes Scholastic.

Seek brain development training.

There are centres offering right brain training for babies and toddlers. The best thing about this is your baby can receive professional education designed specifically for the unique needs of young kids. The courses offered help boost intellectual development through various highly effective brain training methods.

Follow these tips if you want your baby to grow smart. Who knows, you might be raising a genius.