The freedom to move with a powerchair

Wheelchair on road

For those with limited mobility, independence does not need to be a thing of the past. Electric wheelchairs, also known as powerchairs, give users back the power to get around without the aid of a carer, friend or family member.

What is a powerchair?

Powerchairs differ from regular lightweight wheelchairs in that they are propelled by an electric motor. While this does add weight to their build, it also means greater distances can be covered without assistance. Reputable suppliers of electric wheelchairs, such as Karma Mobility, can provide users with advice and guidance on which powerchair is right for them and how the various customisations available can further improve their wheelchair experience.

Tailored to individual needs

Whether using a lightweight wheelchair or powerchair, comfort is paramount. When using a powerchair, with the potential to travel even longer distances if desired, comfort can become even more of an issue. This is why customisations such as adjustable and moveable armrests, different joystick controllers and varying seat widths can all make such a big difference.

Added extras

Ease of use is also key to ensuring trips out of the house in a powerchair are less of a hassle and more of an enjoyable experience. Bags, drink holders, footrests and trays can help support users as they go about their daily activities.

A note on batteries

One key point to note with powerchairs is that their batteries require charging. Users should read the instruction manual carefully before charging for the first time and only use the charger designated for their particular battery. Batteries, chargers and wires should all be treated with care to safeguard against electrical accidents. The power cord should be kept in sight at all times and hands should of course be kept dry when handling the battery and charger.

Help funding a powerchair

Funding is available through a range of charities to help those with limited mobility purchase a wheelchair, so it is well worth reaching out to these organisations before making a purchase.

A trial run

Testing out a powerchair before committing to buying it is also recommended to make sure it meets the different requirements a user may have. Most dealers will be happy to help users with this.