From Gray, to Reclaimed, and Wider Planks: 3 Hardwood Flooring Options to Consider

hardwood flooring

Hardwood has always been a favorite flooring option in many American homes. With the advances of wood manufacturing technology and finishing options, homeowners now have a broader scope of choices available to them.

Whether you’re thinking of upgrading your hardwood floors or scrapping your existing flooring for hardwood floors, here are three hardwood flooring options to consider.

hardwood flooringGray Hardwood Flooring

Gray hardwood flooring is stylish, sophisticated, yet understatedly elegant and is popularly used in many contemporary homes today. Its color is not overwhelming, making it an excellent base color for decorating your home. You can go with dark or lighter grays, and if you prefer onsite refinishing, you can request to experiment with different gray hues and choose the one you like best.

As getting the exact gray color blend is difficult, prepare to shell out a bit more money to only get experienced hardwood flooring professionals in Burnsville, MN.

Wider Hardwood Planks

According to TPM Flooring, wider hardwood planks are a great option for smaller homes since they lend a sense of openness to a small space. They can be made to look rustic, authentic, or contemporary depending on how you use them in a room. A switch from the standard 2 1/4” to a wider 5” will have a huge impact in your home’s overall style.

Some homeowners even go for planks that are up to 7” wide. Although the wider the plank, the higher the cost as well, know that wider hardwood planks are also one of the most durable and long lasting hardwood flooring options.

Reclaimed Hardwood

Also known as distressed or vintage hardwood flooring, reclaimed hardwood is mostly salvaged from antique hardwood floors, beams, or logs from lakes and rivers. They highlight the natural imperfections and inherent characteristics of hardwoods and more importantly, very environmentally friendly.

However, they are likewise expensive because of the limited supply and high demand for them. Those on a budget can use machine distressed and hand scraped hardwoods to get the same style for a fraction of the cost.

Different people have varying tastes when it comes to the many hardwood flooring options available. However, keep in mind that when choosing hardwood flooring, your personal style, your lifestyle, and budget should be your initial considerations. Consult with reputable hardwood flooring Burnsville MN specialists to ensure that you’ll get the hardwood floors that best fits your needs.