From Onions to Apples: 3 Types of Food that Get Rid of Mouth Bacteria

Types of Mouth Bacteria in BirminghamNowadays, scheduling regular appointments with your local dentists is important, but it isn’t the only way to look after your teeth. Although dental practices such as Euro Dental Care offer treatments that clean, straighten and whiten your teeth, you also have to do your part in taking care of them outside the clinic.

Apart from an oral hygiene routine, you should watch what you eat as well because food intake is a huge factor in whether or not the bacteria in your mouth reaches an unacceptable level. With that said, here are some bacteria-fighting foods that help keep your mouth clean and your smile bright.


You read that right. Onions are a bacteria-fighting food. The round vegetable may not be the best for your breath, but a study found evidence that chewing raw onions for a couple of minutes could kill the bacteria lurking in your mouth.

Green Tea

Caffeine is not always good for oral health because some sources of it (i.e. coffee) tend to stain the teeth while others (i.e. fizzy drinks) tend to wear out tooth enamel. Green tea, however, contains antioxidants that kill bacteria and prevent gum disease. You’ll have to limit the tea’s sugar content, of course.


Finally, an apple a day does not just keep the doctor away. It can also keep you from making far too often appointments with your dentist. The fruit has a high fibre content which is a good exercise for your gums. Moreover, chewing on it forces you to salivate and rinse bacteria away.

Many other types of food help keep your mouth bacteria-free. Onions, green tea and apples are just three of them, but they are food that you come across often enough. As such, being aware of what the food you eat does for your teeth is a massive help in keeping them strong and healthy.