From Selective to Push Back: Which Racking System Is Perfect for Your Warehouse?

Warehouse racking systems

When picking the right kind of racking system for your warehouse, you will find yourself with several options to think about. Although having a lot of options is good, it can be overwhelming to decide. You also know that more than one of these choices will work, but there will always be a perfect industrial pallet shelving meant for your warehouse.

Incorporating the correct warehouse racking system will assist in boosting productivity and speeding up storage capacity. Here are the typical warehouse storage systems to choose from:

Push Back Rack

This is made for great bulk storage that uses “last-in, first out” type of storing. It gets rid of the necessity to reach or drive to the rack by moving the product forward as soon as the product before it is removed.

Cantilever Rack

This is perfect for keeping bulk or long items. Piping storage, furniture storage and lumber storage are perfect applications for this racking system. It comes with arms that can be personalized with the load retention and angle required for your operation.

Drive-In Rack

This type of system also provides high-density storage of “last-in, first-out” and can utilise space in a great manner. It removes the necessity for numerous aisles, thereby reducing total square footage needs. Perfect usage of the drive-in racking system is cold and freezer storage.

Selective Pallet Rack

This is a robust storage system perfect for palletised products without any expiration date. IT provides high selectivity and comes in several depths and heights, such as double deep systems.

In case, you are still unsure which one fits your usage, you can always rely on expert advice from industry professionals. Tell them what you will use it for, how frequent and what you expect from it, so they can determine which one is best for you.