Get Better Eggs by Giving Your Chicken Healthier Feed

Healthier Chicken FeedThe health of your chickens greatly affects what you produce on your farm — from the quality of the meat to the eggs, your chicken’s health is the backbone of your entire operation.

Poor nutrition is one of the primary factors that affect the health of your chickens and their eggs. You will need to choose a high quality animal or chicken feed to make sure they are getting just the right amount of nutrients. Be sure to pay special attention to the nutrition of your chickens if you want to have good quality eggs.

The Effects of Poor Nutrition on the Eggs

Poor egg quality is an especially big problem in the poultry industry. Poor nutrition can lead to eggs that with brittle, dull shells, which are more likely to crack during transport compared with healthy ones.

It also affects the flavour of the egg, particularly of the yolk, which is the most nutritiously dense part of the egg. Yolks of poor quality eggs typically have a paler, less dense yolk in comparison to eggs laid by healthy chickens.

Improper nutrition also affects the volume of eggs that your chickens lay. Chickens need the vitamins and minerals to be able to produce a decent amount of eggs. Without proper nutrition, chickens do not have enough energy to do so.

Fewer and less healthy eggs also mean higher chick mortality, which can make it difficult to raise a new batch of chicks.

A Healthy Diet is the Key to Better Eggs

There is no doubt that the key to better eggs is proper nutrition. One of the primary nutrients needed in egg production is calcium, which produces bigger, healthier and harder eggs. Eggshells are about 95% calcium carbonate, which is why hens need large amounts of it to be able to lay better eggs. In particular, the addition of oyster shell in the feed allows chickens to get sufficient amounts of calcium in their diet.

For better tasting eggs with rich, orange yolks, be sure to feed your chickens enough protein. Wheat, barley and soy are all great sources of protein for chickens.

Always choose quality chicken feed if you want your chickens to produce healthy, delicious eggs.