Get Hired: 5 Hottest Jobs in Auckland Today

OpportunityAuckland is one of New Zealand's emerging job markets, with a variety of vocations across several industries. Whether you’re looking for earthy agricultural job opportunities or employment in the skilled construction sector, this hotspot boasts a number of careers. 

Here’s a compiled list of some of the city’s hottest jobs. Find a job vacancy in Auckland and set sight on your dream career:

Agriculture and Forest Jobs

New Zealand is one of the largest dairy production and sheep meat exporting centres in the world. The country has built an enviable and competitive reputation for itself despite having a location far from some the world’s major business markets. Depending on their skills and experience, professionals in agriculture and agro-related industries can expect a number of opportunities here.  

Apply for employment in management or supervisor roles in the agricultural sector if you have the necessary qualifications and work experience. There are many untapped scopes for those holding degrees in agricultural sciences. Some of the vocations you should consider under this sector include agronomist, farm manager, pig farmer, forest scientist, viticulturist and more.

Construction Jobs

Low crime rate, rich natural resources and a quality lifestyle have led many people to migrate to Auckland. This has further fueled the demand for affordable housing. In the wake of the recent earthquakes, the government has set up dedicated efforts to build about 39,000 new houses in Auckland. Therefore, jobs related to the construction industry, such as surveyors, site managers and architects, are currently in demand.  


According to estimates, New Zealand will need at least 25,000 more nurses by 2030 to assist the growing demand in the country’s healthcare sector. Popular jobs in the private and public healthcare system include nurses, healthcare workers, general practitioners, specialized doctors and surgeons.

Potential employees should make the most of their local recruitment agencies to find a promising job vacancy that suits them. This is to give you access to a range of jobs and insider advice on cracking the interviews to land these much coveted jobs.