Get Inked: Choosing the Tattoo Design for You

Tattoo After making all the important decisions of getting a tattoo, another important decision to make is the design you would like to sport. If done right, tattoos can look artistic, cool and meaningful. Considering that they’re permanent and will be displayed on your skin for the rest of your life, it is important to choose the right design. Here’s a guide to choosing the ideal tattoo design.

Self Analysis

When choosing a tattoo design, you have to keep your own values, beliefs, dreams and persona in mind. Tattoos are an extension of your unique personality, an expression of what you stand for and how you want others to view you. Give a good thought to the symbols, words, phrases and pictures that will be placed on you. Gather inspiration for your tattoo from your favourite books, art centres and museums.

Location of Tattoo

Deciding the location of your tattoo can help you choose an appropriate design. If you’re planning to be inked on an intimate part of the body, you would obviously want something that’s more personal and romantic. Similarly, if it’s the wrist or the arm, you will want something that you’re comfortable displaying to everyone. The pain that you experience will differ from part to part. Some designs are more suited for certain body parts than others.

The Cost

You will have to work out a budget to choose a tattoo design that’s compatible with it. Keep in mind that elaborate and artsy colour tattoos are more costly than black ink designs. If you want your tattoos in a specific colour, it might be a good idea to check with the artist since some shades are known to fade quicker than others. Search for designs that appear to be in your budget and get a quote from your artist before getting a tattoo.

There are many ways to choose the ideal tattoo design. The location and cost of the tattoo are important, as they affect what design you can put. Do your research and make a decision.