Go Green, Go Auto: The Environmental Benefits of Automatic Garage Doors

Garage Doors

Garage DoorsIf you own a garage for your car, you’ve probably asked yourself whether or not you should get an automatic garage door opener. Perhaps you’ve encountered several articles telling you how much easier it is if your garage door opens at the touch of a button, yet you’re still hesitant. But, these reasons might finally convince you to make the switch; you’ll soon find out that an automatic garage door is a more energy-saving, environmentally-friendly choice. Elite Garage Repairs shares more information below:

Get Your Car Out Faster

One good reason for getting an automatic garage door has something to do with carbon monoxide. You’ve probably heard about carbon monoxide if you’ve been reading a lot about greenhouse gases. It also happens to be the same gas that your car produces if it fails to burn fuels completely. Although many cars have been redesigned to minimise the production of this gas, your car may still produce even just a small amount of carbon monoxide – and even these small amounts can cause harm without you knowing it.

As soon as you start your engine, your car starts burning fuel. And as soon as it starts burning fuel, it also starts to produce carbon monoxide. If your car stays running while inside your garage for even just a second too long, the carbon monoxide levels in your garage can go up to harmful levels. This is why it’s important to get your car out as soon as you can. This is where automatic garage doors come in; at the push of a button, you can get your garage opened and get your car out as soon as possible. That way, your garage won’t be a collecting area for deadly gases.

Shorter Engine Running Time

One of the obvious advantages of an automatic garage door is that your garage door opens more quickly compared to doing it manually. This also means that your car will run for shorter periods of time while you’re opening your garage door. This means you’ll waste less fuel. This also means your car won’t spend so much time releasing harmful gases into the environment when you get home.

These are just additional – but equally good – advantages to getting an automatic garage door. If you’re convinced, contact the garage door installer closest to you, and ask them about how you can get them to switch your garage door into an automatic one.