Growing in Faith: Seeking God Moment by Moment

renewal of faith

renewal of faithFaith is something that seems to be a very important virtue for many people. It is a subject matter that always comes up when crises and problems arise. “Have faith in yourself,” is something you are likely to have heard from friends when facing a tough situation only you can go through. What most people don’t realize is that faith is not just a simple matter of believing — the object of your faith is actually what’s even more important. Before discussing what it really means to grow in faith, it’s fitting to ask: what or who is the object of your faith?

If you’ve made that decision to make God the object of your faith, then your conviction is not in vain. Members of The Restoration Church Community share that when you trust God, your faith is sure and secure. Nurturing your faith means abiding in His presence and communing with Him moment by moment.

Meditation of the Scripture

God speaks through the Bible. Reading and meditating on God’s Words will help you know more about Him — His character and His will. Dedicate an hour or so every day in meditating on scriptures from the Bible. Say, before you go to work or get dressed up. Go to a quiet place or an area where there are fewer distractions, so that you can focus all your thoughts to God.


In prayer, you share to God your thoughts, anxieties, dreams, wants and needs. Remember, though, that prayer is not just you talking; God also speaks in prayers. He prompts your heart so that you can discern His will and align your petitions to what pleases Him.

Fellowship with Other Believers

No one grows in faith alone. Understand that you need the help and encouragement of other believers. If you really want to grow, involve yourself in church ministries and discipleship groups. Bible studies will help you know more about God and encourage you to keep your spiritual walk as you go through the journey with other believers.

Grow your faith in God by constantly communicating with Him and fellow believers. A church can help you be rooted in God’s truths and be mature in the faith.