Guidelines to Help You Maintain Vibrant Hedges in Your Outdoors

Outdoor Hedge in Tauranga

Outdoor Hedge in TaurangaHedges are a great landscaping accessory provided they are maintained properly. Also, most hedges are not cumbersome or too expensive to maintain. However, if you ignore the basic maintenance that your hedge requires, you may end up with a shabby or dried up hedge.

Prune at the Right Time

Timing when you prune your hedge will affect how well your hedge will flourish and thicken. Remember that the type of hedge you have will determine when the time is right for you to prune. It’s recommended that you consult a professional who may let you know when to prune the specific type of hedge you have in your backyard. For example, evergreen hedges should be pruned before budding when the plant is dormant, mentions Many Hats Publications.

Keep Trees at a Distant

Having trees too close to your hedge is not advisable because the trees can block out sunlight and also compete with the hedge for food. As a result, your hedge may wilt or become weak, and in extreme cases, the hedge may dry up, so it’s best to have the tree removed. For convenience, it’s advisable to hire a Tauranga tree removal professional like Tree Fellers.

Shape Your Hedge

Hedges tend to grow narrow at the bottom and wide at the top. Unfortunately, the broad area at the top blocks out sunlight and hence the lower parts of the hedge lack enough sunlight for growth. To rectify this problem, trim your hedge in the shape of an inverted letter V. Doing this allows sunlight to pass through to the lower levels and your hedge will be evenly bold and healthy.

A healthy and strong hedge creates a good kerb appeal in your outdoors. So it’s best that you observe key precautions that help keep your hedge healthy and vibrant.