Hacks on Styling for a Sports-Themed Commercial

Videographer with video camera

Sports-themed commercials are among the most difficult scenes to style and film. First, the action sequences—whether from a mainstream sport or a niche activity—must be convincing and realistic, yet high quality. For this reason, you need to use the right equipment. Stylists also need to tackle the problem with logo-infested sportswear. Let expert producers from mobfilm.com guide you through the process of shooting excellent sports films.

Logo-free Authenticity

Always aim for authenticity. Get out there, visit specialty stores, and ask the staff what players typically wear for a certain activity. You can also meet people who are into the sport to have a better idea of the look you need to go for. Do your research and look at brands and their trademarks. Be aware of different styles and letterings, as there are companies who have multiple logo designs.

The secret to a logo-free wardrobe for a shoot is a keen eye for detail. Scrutinize every gear and clothing for branding elements you’ll need to work around. It will be a huge mistake if one item slips past you. This is crucial for a sports commercial because you could lose the whole deal over a pair of socks.

Stylist’s Sticky Secret

For the times when you just can’t avoid clothing with branding, that’s when you get crafty. Duct tape is every stylist’s secret weapon for covering logos. Just remember to be careful and match the color as close as you can. You can even create a new design from small pieces of duct tape to avoid trademark and copyright issues.

The same principle applies to sports equipment like skateboards, bicycles, and snowboards with custom graphics that are protected as artwork. Rather than find unbranded gear, take the DIY route and repaint it yourself.

Customers look for footage that gets it right. If you’re not knowledgeable about the sports you’re shooting, find someone who is. You wouldn’t want your rock climbers styled perfectly but wearing their harnesses backwards.