Help for Radiation Induced Cancer

Home health careIf you worked for the Department of Energy and you have since developed radiation-induced cancer, you may be entitled to the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program. This includes home health care for you.

If you worked for the DOE, were a contractor or sub-contractor for them within a nuclear energy plant or you were an atomic weapons employee and you have developed cancer as a result of your employment, there is plenty of help available for you.

Occupational Cancer

Certain cancers are more common in people who have been exposed to radiation, including leukemia, thyroid cancer, brain and lung cancer, kidney and liver cancer, stomach cancer and a whole plethora of other malignant disorders.

You Could be Entitled to Free Healthcare

Through the EEOICPA you can receive wage-loss compensation, impairment compensation and access to a home healthcare nurse.

Living with a life-threatening or terminal condition is painful and stressful for all members of the family and having a home care aide could ease the burden, provide a much-needed ear to talk to and allow you and your loved ones more time to be together as your self-care needs are met by a professional. You can spend your last months taking in each other’s company instead of worrying about household and care tasks.

EEOICPA home health nurses can assist you with self-care activities, such as bathing, meal preparation and eating, dressing and moving around the house. They also handle medical tasks like administering your medication, check any medical equipment you have and monitor your health, for instance, with blood pressure and heart checks.

Get the Help You Deserve

To see if you qualify, see your doctor to draw up a plan of care. The plan of care will be based on your medical condition and will detail the help you need. Then contact your local Department of Labor office to make an application so you can hire your free home aide.