Home Luxury: Choosing the Right Hot Tub

New Hot Tub in Utah

New Hot Tub in UtahInvesting in a hot tub requires some thought and preparation. It is a major purchase and requires a considerable amount of space in the backyard. As there are different types of tubs and sizes, getting one with all the necessary features is essential.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

Hot tubs are usually placed outdoors, whether on a deck or on the backyard. Most have frames made of cedar wood, while some have fiberglass, vinyl, acrylic or steel. The water in the tub is heated, so a user can relax and get relief for aching muscles. Many people love to sit in a hot tub with friends and enjoy the cool weather.

There is no need to drain the tub every time – chemicals like chlorine can be used to eliminate bacteria and neutralize odors. Most tubs have filtration systems to remove debris, while others have portable filters. Buyers have to choose between a tub with jets and a soaking tub.

Heating methods

If you want to buy a new hot tub in Utah, Dolphin-Pools.com suggests deciding on the type of heater you want. You can choose from several types of heaters:

  • Electric heaters: These are stand-alone units. Water flows to a pump to a tank where a heating element warms it up. Larger heaters have a separate cabinet, but the portable ones in small spas are integrated into the control panel. Electric heaters may not be efficient if you have a large tub.
  • Gas (natural and LPG): As these are easy to source, gas heaters are common for heating hot tubs. They are easy to regulate, which make them ideal for all weather conditions. Moreover, these cna heat up water faster than electric units. They require little maintenance, making them a good choice for heating.
  • Propane and oil heaters: These cost a lot more to operate than gas. Propane tanks have to be handled with care. In case of a leak, the gas lingers in the area for a long time, raising the risk of an explosion. Oil powered heaters are also expensive, as fuel costs fluctuate based on the market.
  • Solar powered heaters: These are becoming a favorite among homeowners, as they help lower heating bills. Nonetheless, this may not be efficient in cold places where winters are long.

Choose the right tub and add-ons, so you can experience spa luxury to a new level in your own backyard.