Home Security 101: Make your Home Unattractive to Burglars

Home Security 101 in PerthScared of having your home burgled while you’re away? While every homeowner fears the same thing, you have two choices, obsess and do nothing or make your home unattractive to burglars — here’s how.

Problem #1: Visible Interiors

The Fix: You wouldn’t want burglars to see inside your house and catalogue whatever goodies they can see from outside. Cover tall windows with houseplants and shut your shades, curtains, or window shutters, security specialists in Perth says. Make sure that prying eyes can’t see in.

Problem #2: Dilapidated Front Door

The Fix: A fresh coat of paint will make your front door looking new and sturdy so burglars will think twice about trying to get in.

Problem #3: Single or Flimsy Locks

The Fix: Thieves scout a potential target’s locks so they’ll have an idea on how they can enter. Double your locks or replace with sturdier-looking ones to make your home unappealing to thieves.

Problem #4: Attractive Rubbish

The Fix: All your discarded bags and boxes that contained expensive items such as electronics are like ads to thieves since they’ll know you have the items in your home. Keep these away from the rubbish bin or camouflage them properly.

Problem #5: Welcoming Landscape

The Fix: Shrubs and bushes are not only aesthetically pleasing when placed beneath your windows, but can serve as obstacles to those wanting to get in — opt for plants with thorns. Prune lower lying branches if you have trees that reach up to your second-story windows.

Problem #6: Dark Exteriors

The Fix: Thieves won’t risk being visible, so if you light up your home’s exterior with bright and motion activated lights, you effectively create a barrier for pesky thieves.

Problem #7: Overflowing Mailbox

The Fix: An overflowing mailbox is an indication that you’re away and that your house is ripe for burglary. Ask a neighbor to pick up mail or deliveries while you’re away.

Problem #8: A Nonexistent Security System

The Fix: Invest in your home and family’s safety. A high-quality security system is one of the greatest deterrents for burglars and is a necessity if your home has a high crime rate. Do your homework and choose a reputable security system. You can likewise opt for systems with cameras so you can keep track of your home even while you’re away.

Follow these common-sense tips and rest assured of an empty home that is still secure.