How Can Cosmetic Dentistry in Edinburgh Help Patients Smile Again?

A woman smiling with straight teeth

Nothing can dent a patient’s confidence and self-esteem like a set of misaligned, discoloured or misshapen teeth. These dental flaws can make any person feel image-conscious and shy. Rather than living with low self-esteem, cosmetic dentistry can help patients reclaim their smile and confidence back.

Cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh is a mixture of art and science. Popular cosmetic treatments include teeth whitening and dental veneers available in many dental practices, such as Edinburgh Dental Specialists. Patients with cosmetic concerns can take advantage of one or more of these treatments for a complete smile makeover.

Teeth whitening

Even if a patient’s teeth are straight and even, chances are that they are not white anymore. Yellowed and discoloured teeth and a common concern for many patients and professional teeth whitening is the best way to bring shine back to a patient’s smile. Whether a patient wants to prepare for a job interview, a wedding or a special event, teeth whitening can help them achieve a whiter smile and a brighter attitude towards life.

Teeth whitening in Edinburgh can be performed either in the dentist’s chair or at home. Power whitening is quick, effective and powerful and can transform a patient’s teeth in less than an hour. The bleaching gel is activated with a special light that targets each tooth individually and helps restore their colour and lustre. Home whitening uses a series of customised, bleaching trays that need to be worn for a few hours every day or at night along with bleaching gel. This treatment can take up to two weeks and is as safe and effective as power whitening.

Dental veneers

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh, another popular option is veneers. As their name suggests, veneers are thin layers of porcelain that are attached to the front of the teeth and can hide many aesthetic issues. Whether a patient is looking to hide stains and chips or fill uneven tooth spacing, veneers can help.

Veneers are very versatile since they can fix more than one problems in one go. Although they look and feel like natural teeth, they are less likely to stain.