How Can You Make Your Yard Look Bigger?

Rearranging the yard to look biggerHouses can seem bigger than they are with a few landscaping changes, use of space, and the addition of certain pieces of furniture. These improve the value of your home and make it look good as well.

Impressions Landscape and other experts in landscape design from Sandy list the following ideas to achieve these:

Plan the Spaces

Some might argue that a loose and open-plan small yard may make it look bigger. However, this isn’t always the case. One of the most important factors to creating a spacious feeling is to organize the details. Make the purpose of the spaces in the yard clear and specific, whether it is a lounge or play area. Add the appropriate pieces of furniture, plants and other ornaments to complete the look. Doing so makes it look bigger than it actually is.

Highlight the Entryways

Improve the look of the entrance-ways of the yard by installing flower beds, and planting shrubs and plants in attractive containers or pots. These draw the attention of visitors to these instead of the size of the area. The bright colors bring out the best in the small space and make the yard seem bigger than it actually is.

Find Balance

One way to blur the boundary of the garden and yard to make the area look bigger is to create a smooth transition between the spaces. Balance the landscape by surrounding them with flowers and plants, and pieces of furniture. Choose light and bright colors to connect the garden and yard seamlessly.

Vertical Gardening

If your yard is small, every inch of space is important. Instead of gardening the usual way, garden up. Use vertical areas and maximize them by planting flowering vines, herbs, vegetables and other plants up. Doing so softens borders in such a small space and makes the yard seem bigger.

These ideas make your yard look bigger and implementing them allows you to maximize space and make the right additions that add value to your home.