How Dark is Too Dark for Window Tints?

Raindrops on a Car Window

Window tinting is common in allRaindrops on a Car Window vehicles. This helps keep out the light, the heat and lends a certain amount of privacy to the passengers. Celebrities use them extensively so that they can travel around anonymously. People may mistake a common person for a celebrity due to this kind of window tinting!

The fun is the passengers can see the pedestrians and the road clearly. Still, opaque tints are illegal in most countries, although window tints are not.

You can make a window tint as dark as you dare (or legally possible), so here is a guide to that.

Standards Checking

The rich and the famous alike want to have the darkest window tinting, though how dark is too dark varies from region to region, or country to country. adds in Perth, know the darkest legal tint, as this may differ from those in Sydney, for example.

It is therefore your responsibility to check the appropriate standards and then apply the films to your vehicle. Generally, though, the windshield should have no film applied except for the top ten percent, where authorities allow a visor strip. The regulations refer to the percentage of light allowed as VLT (visible light transmission) and suggest certain levels.

Minimum VLT

The current regulation for all the windows except the front windscreen in most Australian territories is a minimum of 35% VLT. In some areas, this is the requirement only for the driver and the front passenger windows. They allow 16 VLT and 20 VLT for the other windows behind the driver.

These regulations keep changing, though, so always check the limits before applying the films. Should you violate existing rules, you cannot ply the roads on pain of fines and fees.

Other Uses

These films also reduce glare and thus prevent road accidents. It also acts as a mini-insulator, keeping heat out thus making the job of the vehicle’s air conditioning unit a little easier. The tinting also protects the interiors and the other electronic equipment in the car from the heat and the light.

Since there are many uses, stay within the permitted VLT limits and enjoy the benefits of these films. Just do not make it too dark, or you may face some penalties.