How Different is the Network+ N10-007 Certification from the Network+ N10-006?

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CompTIA recently released the updated version of the Network+ N10-006 Certification exam last March 2018. It’s now called the Network+ N10-007 Certification exam. CompTIA updates their certification exams every several years because new network technologies and practices are introduced all the time.

The Network Plus N10-007 exam includes more concepts in each domain including network resiliency, crucial security concepts, new virtualization and hardware techniques, as well as service models and best practices regarding cloud computing. Experts at CertBlaster shares the difference between the Network N10-006 and Network+ N10-007 exams.

The Network+ N10-006 certification exam has 90 questions that you need to complete in 90 minutes. To successfully pass the exam, you would need to get a minimum score of 720. It includes five domains that are weighted like so:

  1. Network Troubleshooting: 24%
  2. Network Architecture: 22%
  3. Network Operations: 20%
  4. Network Security: 18%
  5. Network Theory, Best Practices, and Industry Standards: 16%

The Network+ N10-007 exam also has the same number of domains, examination questions, passing score, and time limit. As you can see from below, CompTIA updated the domains and how each is weighted:

  1. Networking Concepts: 23%
  2. Network Tools and Troubleshooting: 22%
  3. Network Security: 20%
  4. Network Infrastructure: 18%
  5. Network Operations: 17%

The Network+ N10-006 exam coverage includes common wireless and wired network devices’ troubleshooting, management, and configuration, as well as the (then) emerging network technologies including virtualization, cloud, mobile, and unified communications. On the other hand, the updated Network+ exam, N10-007 covers more current network technologies including:

  • More advanced and current virtualization and hardware techniques;
  • Best practices on cloud computing and common service models;
  • Key concepts to provide networking professionals with the necessary skills required to ensure the resiliency of a network; and
  • Updated security concepts to aid networking professionals when working with other security professionals.

The Bottom Line

Put simply, the key difference between the older Network+ N10-006 certification exam and the updated Network+ N10-007 certification exam is the updated exam objectives to reflect the current networking technologies and techniques. The price also jumped to $302 from $294. Also, If for some reason you want to take the older Network+ exam, you could still do so until August 2018.